About Us

“A Message from Us.”

— Don’t take life for granted!

Hemptherapycare is a personal care company that makes uncomplicated, cruelty-free, effective products that is great for your body.  We do not believe personal care products should have toxic chemicals or man-made fragrances as their ingredients.

It was founded by T.N. Doan. She was only 33 when her life was changed, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Witnessing her mother’s death with cervical cancer not more than 2 years before her own diagnosed, many doubtful thoughts and uncertainties raced through her mind.  She searched and seek the internet for answers on how to treat her breast cancer WITHOUT the treatment of chemo or radiation.  Seeing what her mother went through with chemo and radiation, she knew that was not the route she wanted to take.  Along with many prayers to GOD, she found many valuable information on diet, cannabis oil, and the power of positive thinking.   She was on her journey to healing naturally.  A year later, she was declared “no evidence of malignancy” on her pathology report. She would love to share the websites and info with you she found online. Send us a quick email for the free info.

The ingredients in our products are pure, high-grade, and organic; we only use the best. Hemptherapycare minus the confusion and bull$h**.  There are no pesticides or nasties – no synthetics and no fillers.  The best part, no silly claims.  We just make outstanding personal care products that you will enjoy tasting, and your body will love.

Happy Healing!